Gilgamesh, a parlando opera in 13 tablets, teaser 1



Songs from a Circle, a Ritualistic Drama for 1, Scene I, Song I


Sailing to Byzantium Official Trailer (2019)

Hat for Kemençe and Strings

Instant Dances 1-6

Instant Dances No. 12

Instant Dances No. 10

Instant Dances No. 15


a short study on 7 modes: Ionian

Ceren Baran plays Türkmen


Hat for Kemençe

Hat for Ney

Hat for Ney and Cello

Beautiful and Unowned Excerpt for Naxos CD

Beautiful and Unowned 

Nomad Excerpt



Leyl Excerpt

Sailing to Byzantium

Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble

Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble (CD version)

Dün, Bugün, Yarın (ballet) prelude and lover’s dance (CD version)

Beautiful and Unowned (Ellen Jewett)

but you alone

Forgotten Children Songs

Beautiful and Unowned (Özcan Ulucan)

Hat for Kemençe and Strings

Reminiscences, Evocations and Echos of a Common Memory


Dün Korkusu (fear of yesterday)

Lines for an ensemble

Dün, Bugün,Yarın Ballet Concert Version

Dün Korkusu

Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano

Merhamet – “Torosların İki Yüzü Belgesel”

Merhamet (for microtonal guitar)

5 Short Pieces for 4 Musicians

Mother Tounge

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