Past Events

17 December 2022

Reminiscences for Kanun and piano @ AKM Coffee Concerts

2 December 2022

Reminiscences for Kanun and piano @ Borusan Music House

23 November 2022

hat for kemençe and strings/terennüm I and II / merhamet / hat for solo kemençe” at CSO Blue Hall Başkent Chamber Orchestra Concert, soloist: Nermin Kaygusuz, conductor: Cem-i Can Deliorman


18 November 2022

Bilkent Composition Department Seminars: “Composing Song Cycles and Parlando Opera”

Bilkent Sunum November 18 2022

2 November 2022

Music and Fine Arts University, Composition Seminar: “Lines and Dreams”, Ankara, 2022

MGÜ Konuşma 2022

29 October 2022

Nomad, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, soloists: Oliver Jia, Elif Ece Cansever, Kerem Tuncer, conductor: Işın Metin

24/27 September 2022

24.09 Ankara Bilkent Concert Hall / 27.09 İzmir AASSM

“Morn of silence”, song cycle for mezzo soprano and clarinet, premiere, commissioned by Goethe Institute for Nina Janssen-Deinzer and Peyee Chen duo.


3 September 2022

Kurşundan (of lead) premiere performance @ BBC New Music show 

July 29-30 2022

Guest composer, workshop “experiencing makam microtones” and lecture “makam 2.0
@ Leading Voices, European Days for Vocal and Choral Leaders, Utrecht, NL

May 28 2022

hat for kemençe and strings ” ensemble XXI. Jahrhundert performance at Austrian radio station oe1

May 7 2022
Kurşundan (of lead), premiere @ Bristol New Music, Hezarfen Ensemble

May 1 2022
Gılgamış, parlando opera, first recordings

2022 May GIlgamış Recording 1

April 27 2022

a line for 3 percussion players @ Bilkent Concert Hall, by Reverberation Trio 

Reverberation Percussion Trio

April 15 2022
“Side Projects and New Concepts through the Covid Period”, Bilkent University, Ankara, 2022@ Bilkent Composition Department Seminars

28 March 2022
Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble @ ensemble xxı. jahrhundert concert, March 28, Weiner Konzerthaus, Berio Hall, Vienna.


18 March 2022

“Alternative Approaches to the Makam Theory”@Bilkent Composition Department Seminars


14 March 2022

Composition seminar @ Ankara Music and Fine Arts University

Müzik Üniversitesi Composition Seminar 2022

19 / 20 February 2022

“Reminiscences for kanun and piano” by Esra Berkman, Lilian Tonella Tüzün @ Yel değirmeni Sanat (19.02) and Şişli Nazım Hikmet Culture and Art House (20.02), İstanbul

 12 January 2022

Havuz, NK Ensemble, online

7 January 2022 

Mavi, NK Ensemble, online

Summer / Fall 2021
NK Ensemble New Album recordings, video clips and documentary

9 November 2021

University of Bristol, Department of Music, Composition Seminar: “Lines and Dreams

6 November 2021

“Reminiscences for kanun and piano” by Esra Berkman, Lilian Tonella Tüzün @ All Saints Moda Church, İstanbul

2 October 2021

“Instant Dances XV” by Önder Baloğlu @ 16th International Music Festival Musiquem Lleida! Festival

24 June 2021

University of Bristol, TTI Conference 2021: Transformations of Musical Creativity in the 21st Century, Chair for Session 1A: Cartographies of Sound, 2021

17 June 2021

a radio broadcast on my music @confuoco, radyogedik 

11 June 2021
Forgotten Children Songs I, solo guitar, Ceren Baran, Turkey Guitar Meeting

4 June 2021
Lethe First movement Premiere, solo harp, Bengi Canatan, Avanti Ensemble Summer Concert Series, Helsinki

10 May 2021
Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra, published as a digital single by Gedik Sanat, 2021

7 May 2021
Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano featured in Esra Berkman and Lilian Tonella Tüzün’s CD: “New Music for Kanun and Piano”, Turkofon Records, 2021

30 April 2021
Instant Dances 15
featured in Önder Baloğlu’s digital album: “Unvoiced Diaries”, Gedik Sanat, 2021

13 March 2021

Unvoiced Diaries Documentary Published

26 February 2021
guess panelist at arter’s new and newest music festival at a panel on new music theory:
Across and Beyond Genres: A Conversation on the Theory of New Music
Alper Maral, Onur Türkmen, Tolga Yayalar, Moderator: Michael Ellison

19 January 2021

Nomad @habitat tv broadcast

7-10 November 2020

Şirince Music Academy Arche Project. 
Lecture: “The Effects of Ancient Greek Music in European Music History: “Birth of Tragedy and Classicism”
Premiere of “a short study of 7 modes” by Gökhan Bağcı

31 October 2020

Instant Dances No.15 / Unvoiced Diaries @ Kultur in Essen NOW!
“Von fremden Ländern und Menschen” #Önder Baloğlu

17 August / 11-13 September / 10 October 2020

Producer for KK Sei-Solo recordings at Ada Music Studios

6 October 2020

Guest Composer @ University of Memphis Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music Masterclass

19 July 2020

Instant Dances, miniatures to be shared on social media: No. 15, commissioned by Gedik Sanat, violin Önder Baloğlu

12 June 2020

Instant Dances, miniatures to be shared on social media: No. 1-6,
flute Eleni Kappa, Guitar Ceren Baran

28 May 2020
Instant Dances
, miniatures to be shared on social media: No. 12, solo cello, Gökhan Bağcı

25 May 2020

Instant Dances, miniatures to be shared on social media: No. 10, solo cello, Gökhan Bağcı

12 March 2020 (postponed due to covid 19)

Soru (question), Nina Janssen @ Bilkent Saygun Center Concert Hall

29 March 2020 (postponed due to covid 19)

Premiere of Instant Dances I-VI, Eleni Kappa (flute), Ceren Baran (guitar) @
Chapelle Saint Louis de la Salpêtrière L’Hospitalité Musicale, Paris

Instant Dances Poster

25 April 2020 (postponed due to covid 19)

Primere of  new ensemble piece “Kurşundan (of lead)”, European Research Council Commission @ Bristol New Music 2020 by Hezarfen Ensemble

8 May 2020 (postponed due to covid 19)

Sailing to Byzantium @ Ankara New Music Festival

2- 3 March 2020


Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano @ BSM, Eskişehir
Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano @ Erimtan Museum, Ankara

23 January 2020

Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano @ BAU, Istanbul

27 November 2019

Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano @ Yeldeğirmeni Arts Center, Istanbul

29 October 2019

Premiere of new orchestra piece “Gel (come)”, CRR Concert Hall, Istanbul Video

8 October 2019

Microtonal Guitar Trio “Merhamet”@ Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini Firenze 

27 July 2019

Sailing to Byzantium Poster

“Sailing to Byzantium” is now the recipient of new work award from the Arts Council of Ireland. The European Premiere@ Model Arts Center, Tread Softly Festival.

29 – 30 May 2019


CD Release Concert @ Evliyagil Museum. Beautiful and Unowned to be featured in Ellen Jewett’s solo violin CD Beautiful and Unowned published by Naxos Records.

3 May 2019

Jury member for Hastings Philharmonic‘s Atatürk Composition Competition:

22 April 2019

Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano @ BSM Eskişehir

17 April 2019

NK Ensemble @ İTÜ Music and Sciences Symposium Opening Concert

19 March 2019

Leyl, piano trio (2003) will be performed by Ensemble U, Estonia Tallinn as part of URR concert series in co-operation with Estonian National Broadcast with live transmission in Klassikaraadio

18 March 2019

Leyl, piano trio (2003) @ GedikSanat

8 February 2019

NK Ensemble Lâhza - Album Cover

NK Ensemble Debut album, Spotify, iTunes

30 January – 5 February 2019

Video recording of Songs from a Circle, Diamanda La Berge Dramm

6 November 2018

Hat for Kemençe and 2 miniatures for kemençe and viola, Ulrich Mertin & Nermin Kaygusuz @ BUNT festival, Belgrade :

5 November 2018

M.Çağatay Erol Recital featuring Forgotten Children Songs, 19 Mayıs University State Conservatory

4 November 2018

Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” @ November Music Festival
Diamanda La Berge Dramm (voice/violin)

12-15 October 2018

ERC Workshops, rehearsing miniatures for kanun, kemençe, ney, cello and viola and video recordings for kemençe, kanun and ney extended techniques.

9 October 2018

Unutulmuş Çocuk Şarkıları @ 19 Mayıs State University Conservatory

25-29 August 2018

Onur Türkmen is the faculty member of Klasik Keyifler Composer’s Cauldron:

27 August 2018

“Beautiful and Unowned” @ Klasik Keyifler Festival

11 July 2018

2 Miniature Hat @ EuroScience Open Froum, Toulouse

7 July 2018

“Yarasa”, solo guitar, Petri Kumela’s Small Creatures Project, premiere @

11 June 2018

2 Miniature Hat @ European Research Music Conference:

7 June 2018

Songs from a Circle @ Concertgebouw:

29 May 2018

NK Ensemble Debut Concert featuring “Mavi”:

20 April 2018

Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” @ De Buren
Diamanda La Berge Dramm (voice/violin)

16 April 2018

“Nomad, Concerto for Piano, 2 Violins with String Orchestra and 2 Percussions”, Birsen, Özcan, Ayşen Ulucan with Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra, conductor Gergely Madaras @ Süreyya Opera, Istanbul:

13 April 2018

Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” @ Pakhus SOLO, Stiens
Diamanda La Berge Dramm (voice/violin)

13 April 2018

“Reminiscences for Kanun and Piano” @ Anadolu University, Yunus Emre Campus

8-10 April 2018

ERC workshops at ITU MIAM, rehearsals and performance of my miniatures for kemençe, kanun and ney

26 March 2018

Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” @ Dublin/PHONICA
Diamanda La Berge Dramm (voice/violin)

24-25 March 2018

Lecture: “Makams in New Music” and Masterclass @ Klasik Keyifler, Chamber Music Association and Festival, Ankara

12 March 2018

Kassia’s Hymn (Sailing to Byzantium Third Movement)” Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violin) and Doriene Marselje (harp) and “Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for One” Diamanda La Berge Dramm (voice/violin) at Internationaal Chamber Music Festival Schiermonnikoog

3 February 2018

Lecture: “The Relation Between Time and Context in Music Composition” BESOM, Association of Composers, Conductors and Musicologists, Sevda Cenap And Foundation, And Sanat Ankara,

11 January 2018

Diamanda La Berge Dramm Solo Tour featuring “Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” starts:

11 January –  Wilminktheater, Enschede
12 January –  Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
14 January –  De Vereeniging, Nijmegen
16 January –  Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
17 January –  Tivoli|Vredenburg, Utrecht
19 January –  Orpheus, Apeldoorn
23 January –  Theaters Tilburg
24 January –  De Harmonie, Leeuwarden
30 January –  Willem Twee Concertzaal, Den Bosch
31 January –  Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
4 February –  Zwolse Theaters
7 February –  Philharmonie Haarlem

4 January 2018

Crossing the Water from “Songs from a Circle” @

21 December 2017

Diamanda La Berge Dramm Solo Try Out featuring “Songs from a Circle: A Ritualistic Drama for 1” @ Splendor, Amsterdam:

23 November 2017

“Nomad, Concerto for Piano, 2 Violins with String Orchestra and 2 Percussions”, Birsen, Özcan, Ayşen Ulucan with Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra at MOM Cultural Center Season Concerts, Budapest, Hungary

25 August 2017

“Beautiful and Unowned” recorded by Ellen Jewett (Pieter Snapper as sound engineer) for a CD Project in Ürgüp.

15 August 2017

Portrait concert @Guitar Plus Festival, performed by Hezarfen Ensemble and featured guitar players of the festival.

Round Table Discussion: “Transcultural Practice in Music”, Amanda Bayley, Kirsi Tilk, Michael Ellison, Ulrich Mertin, Tolgahan Cogulu, Onur Türkmen, Juergen Ruck. Moderation: Hansjörg Ewert.

12 August 2017

Würzburg Hochschule für Musik, Guitar Plus Festival, Lecture: “Compositional Approach to the Usage of Makams”.

23 July 2017

“Prelude and Merhamet” for microtonal guitar trio @Ochsenfurter Gitarrentage 2017.

10 June 2017

“Beautiful and Unowned” featured at Ellen Jewett’s Bach Marathon @Erimtan Museum Concerts.

19 May 2017

“Prelude and Merhamet” for microtonal guitar trio @KAMMERKONZERT – TAGE DER NEUEN MUSIK 2017, Hochschule für Musik Würzburg.

April 2017

One the three candidates in the composition category for this year’s Donizetti Classical Music Awards.

29 April 2017

“Nefesler” performed by Trio Anka at 4th İstanbul Guitar Festival @Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi, İstanbul.

18 April 2017

“Nefesler” performed by Trio Anka @Ahmet Adnan Saygun Kültür Merkezi, İzmir.

3 March 2017

Composition Seminar and Masterclass with composition graduate and undergraduate composition students @Yaşar University Faculty of Art and Design, Music Department.

8 February 2017

“Nefesler” performed by Trio Anka at Bilkent Chamber Music Days.

25 December 2016

“Nefesler” featured at Trio Anka’s TED METU Ankara Concert, ODTÜ Kemal Kurdaş Hall, Ankara.

31 October – November 7

ERC project workshops.

15 – 24 October 2016

“but you alone” for chamber chorus and string quartet. Premiere by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble and Volti Chamber Chorus.

“A Close Correspondence” Season Opening Concerts in Berkeley and San Francisco.

13 October  2016

Colloquium lecture : “The Notion of Relativity and Interspace in Composition” and masterclass with graduate/undergraduate composition students @UC Davis Music Department.

13 October 2016

Preimere of “A Line for 5 Musicians” @34th Asian Composers League (ACL) Conference & Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam

Jane Harrison’s review on “Sailing to Byzantium” premiere.

12 June 2016

Istanbul Technical University MIAM, European Research Council Beyond East and West 1. Symposium: Turkish Instruments and Voices in Contemporary Music, Intercultural Elements in “Sailing to Byzantium”.

14 May 2014

“Reminiscences for Kanun and Harp” premiere and “Odalar (Rooms)” @Pera Museum @Diskant Ensemble.

27 April 2016

“Sailing to Byzantium” (on the poetry of W.B.Yeats and Ahmet Haşim): A Ritualistic Drama on
The Moon, Swans and Soul @İstanbul Sevgi Gönül Kültür Merkezi.

25 April 2016

“Sailing to Byzantium” (on the poetry of W.B.Yeats and Ahmet Haşim): A Ritualistic Drama on
The Moon, Swans and Soul @Ankara Music Festival, Yurodny Ensemble.

22 March 2016

“Nefesler” premiere.

18 -19 March 2016

“Hat” Italian premiere: International Musicological Congress with Concert, Integrative Approaches to Contemporary Cross-Cultural Music Making: Turkey, Italy, Germany, Rome, German Historical Institute, Hezarfen Ensemble.

22 February 2016

“Hat for Kemençe and Strings” @Mersin University.

December 2015

“Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble” featured on Hezarfen Ensemble’s new CD “Of Light and Shadows”.

21 November 2015

“Dün, Bugün, Yarın” BSO, Matthew Coorey.

16 November 2015

“Hat for Kemençe and Strings”, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi, İzmir.
Yaşar Üniversity Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Hakan Şensoy

13 November 2015

“Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble” @Late Antiquities And Byzantine Center Opening by Hezarfen Ensemble.

2 November 2015

“Devrildim” @Republic Day Special Concert “Our children – Çanakkale” BSO, Matthew Coorey.

15 October 2015

“A Line for Two Musicians” @MIAM Alumni Composers Concert.

4 October 2015

II. International Kanun Festival and Symposium, Presentation: “Considerations on the Usage of Turkish Music Instruments in Contemporary Music”.

12 August 2015

“Odalar (Rooms)” @Sinasos Cappadocia, Bengi Canatan (harp), Gökhan Bağcı (cello) @KK Festival Concerts.

7-13 August 2015

Makam Seminars @Composer’s Cauldron at Cappadocia KK.

20 May 2015

Premiere of “Odalar (Rooms)” for harp and cello @Bilkent New Music Days by Diskant Ensemble.

19 May 2015

“Hat: A Line for Two Musicians” @Bilkent New Music Days / British Council.
Hezarfen Ensemble Concert.

30 April 2015

Premiere of “Prelude and Lover’s Dance” Scene Concert Version from Ballet “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” @International Ankara Music Festival. Conductor: Orhun Orhon.

18 April 2015

Premiere of the “Devrildim (I’ve Fallen)” BSO commission for the 100th year anniversary of the Dardanel Wars at CRR. Conductor: Matthew Coorey, Bass : Tuncay Kurtoğlu.

28 January 2015

“Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble”, Hezarfen Ensemble @Bilkent Concert Hall.

19 December 2014

“Beautiful and Unowned” performed by Ellen Jewett at KK Friday Concerts December program.

28 September 2014

“Disiz Şeytan” Hoca Nasreddin Trio Concert, Talinn Estonian History Museum.

“Beautiful and Unowned” premiere video.

8 May 2014

Lecture at “Contemporary Polish Music” Panel @MIAM.

17 April 2014

“Beautiful and Unowned” premiere performed by Ellen Jewett @Bilkent New Music Days.

“Dilsiz Şeytan” Hoca Nasreddin
Performances: 13 March 2014 MIAM Ilhan Usmanbaş Hall, 21 February 2014 ITÜ International Kaval Symposium

9 February 2014

Nick Roth performed “Soru (Question)” for solo saxophone in collaboration with painter Ruth O’Donnell @Paris Centre Culturel Irlandais.

27 December 2013

“Two Miniatures on Response” performed by MIAM Modern Music Ensemble.

15 December 2013

I’ve started to write articles for monthly Andante magazine. My first article: “Beethoven and the change of paradigm in Western music” published in the December issue.

23 November 2013

Lecture at ARTER/Bahane: “The Poetics of “Hat” in Music”. Listen to the lecture (Turkish only).

22 November 2013

Recording of the song “Havuz” on a poem by Ahmet Haşim. Nermin Kaygusuz (kemençe/soprano), Tolgahan Çoğulu (adjustable microtonal guitar) @MIAM studios, Istanbul. Photos.

20 August 2013

“Unutulmuş Çocuk Şarkıları (Forgotten Children Songs) I-II” is included in a double CD published by Çağsav Müzik.

27 July – 2 August 2013

“Encounters”  with Atlas ensemble and composers’ cauldron at Kapadokya Klasik Keyifler.

6 July 2013

“Forgotten Children Songs II” performed at 7. Türkiye Gitar Buluşması.

A video about Klasik Keyifler 2012.

7 June 2013

“Hat for 3 Percussion Players” performed in Wroclaw, Poland.

1-7 June 2013

“Two Miniatures on Response” performed at Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Sichuan, China at Turkey – China Music Communication Concerts.

30 May 2013

“Forgotten Children Songs I-II” performed at Ceren Baran’s Guitar Recital.

27 May 2013

“Two Miniatures on Response” premiere @9 Eylül Conservatory, a concert within the scope of “Turkish Cultural Year in China”.

16 April 2013

“Hat for 3 Persussion Players” @Ankara International Music Festival.

23 March 2013

“Hat for Kemençe and Ensemble” premiered @MaerzMusik Festival, Berlin, by Hezarfen Ensemble.

15 March 2013

Conference: “Deductive and Inductive Approaches to Microtonality” at ITU International Music and Theory Symposium.

3 March 2013

Ceren Baran will record “Forgotten Children Songs I-II”.

1 March 2013

Hezarfen Preview Concert before the MaerzMusik Festival Concert.

28 February 2013

“Forgotten Children Songs” performed by Ceren Baran at 11. ODTÜ Classical Guitar Festival.

28 January 2013

Andante Magazine IV. Donizetti Classical Music Awards, nominated as the “Composer of the Year” along with Kamran İnce and Mesruh Savaş.

2 January 2013

Composer of the year in Cumhuriyet Ankara.

20 December 2012

“Dün Korkusu” @Borusan Müzik Evi.

12 December 2012

“Reminiscences, Evocations and Echos of a Common Memory” performed @Bristol University.

22 November 2012

John Cage Memorial Lecture Concert.

3 November 2012

“Lines for an Ensemble” performed by E-XXI ensemble @ISCM World Music Days, Antwerp, Belgium.

Video: “Reminiscences, Evocations and Echos of a Common Memory” premiere.

12 October 2012

“Reminiscensces, Evocations and Echos of a Common Memory” performed by Yurodny Ensemble @Akbank Festival.

“Hat for 3 Percussion Players” will be performed @BEMUS Festival, Belgrade Serbia.

3 October 2012

Conference: “Contemporary Techniques Applied to Kanun” at I. International Kanun Symposium.

2 August 2012

The Music of Onur Türkmen. Composer in residence @Klasik Keyifler Composers Cauldron along with Stephen Hartke and Kamran İnce.

1-14 August 2012

“Hat for 3 Percussion Players” will be performed:

by Talking Drums Trio @MusMA Atelier 20-22 June 2012, Ljubljana Slovenia

by Proyecto Lorca Trio de Percusion @Santander International Festival

6 August 2012, Santander Spain

by BL!NDMAN (drums) @Klarafestival

4 September 2012 Brussel Belgium

Performance of my guitar works @6th Turkey Guitar Meeting 12 July

Teaching @Bilkent Composition Workshop 10-12 July 2012

“Dün Korkusu” will be performed by Ankara University Soloists in Mostar Bosnia, 18 May 2012 and @Bilkent New Music Days on 28 May 2012.

22 March 2012

“Hat for kemençe and strings” recorded. Kemençe: Nermin Kaygusuz, Conductor: Orhun Orhon.

“Merhamet and Prelude” are published in Tolgahan Çoğulu’s album Atlas by Kalan Music.

“Lines for an ensemble” is selected for ISCM 2012.

I’ve started to write articles for Opus Classical Music Magazine regularly.

18 July 2011

“Lines for an Ensemble” performed at Schleswig-Holstein Festival.

“İki Gitar İçin Çizgiler (Lines for Two Guitars)” published in Duoist’s CD by Pan Publishing.

Onur Türkmen’s profile included in Seda Röder’s new music platform “Listening to Istanbul”.

2 May 2011

“Lines for an Ensemble” performed by Bilkent Ensemble @Bilkent New Music Days.

8 April 2011

Conference: “Contemporary Tehniques Applied to Turkish Music Instruments” @ITU Turkish Music Congress.

18 March 2011

Performance of “2 Gitar için Çizgiler” by Duoist @Bilkent University.
“Merhamet” featured in Tolgahan Çoğulu’s Microtonal Guitar Video.
Cüneyd Orhon International Kemençe Symposium.

2 December 2010

Performance of “Karsilama” (for Soprano Kemençe, Alto Kemençe, Kanun, Ud, Cello)
Performance of “Music for Kemençe Quintet” (for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and 2 Bas Kemençes)
Conference: Contemporary Techniques Applied to Kemençe.

Mediterraneus Concerts
Performances of “Hat: A line for two musicians” by Duo Arcobaleni in Livorno 7 July 2010
Camogli 13 August 2010
Ancona 29 August 2010
Acqui Terme 2 October 2010

22 June 2010

Recording of “Dün Korkusu”:
Nazli Avci – Violin
Özge Erdem – Violin
Eren Tuncer – Viola
Gözde Yasar – Cello
And Karabacak – Clarinet
Orhun Orhon – Ensemble Director
Mehmet Can Özer – Sound Engineer

6 May 2010

“Modal Designs for Guitar in Just Intonation” article (written with Ozan Baysal) published online.

5 April 2010

Conference: “The evolution of polyphony and its absence in Turkish music”, Ilhan Usmanbas Hall, MIAM (Istanbul).

January 2010

“Lines for an Ensemble” recorded by Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble @MIAM studios (Istanbul).
Sevil Ulucan – Violin
Evrim Bastas – Viola
Yelda Özgen Öztürk – Cello
Kamran Ince – Piano
Amy Salsgiver – Percussion

22 December  2009

Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble Concert: “Lines for an ensemble”.

18 November  2009

Kreuztanbul Festival Berlin, Adapter Ensemble: “Lines for an ensemble”.

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