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Thesis on my Music

Onur Türkmen’in “Hat” besteleme tekniğinin “Beautiful and unowned” ve “Noktalar”(Points) adlı eserlerine olan yansıması
(The reflection of Onur Türkmen’s “Line” composition technique on “Beautiful and unowned” and “Points”), Aysun Serdar, Master Thesis, Başkent University Institute of Social Sciences, 2020 (in Turkish)

Onur Türkmen’in Müziğinde Hat Tekniğinin Orkestra Şefliği Açısından İncelenmesi,
(Examination of Onur Türkmen’s Hat Technique of Composition Through Orchestral Conducting), Şerif Can Ünver, Master Thesis, Hacettepe University Graduate School of Fine Arts, 2019 (in Turkish)


Beautiful and Unowned featured in Ellen Jewett’s CD published by Naxos:
Glyn Pursglove MusicWeb International, September 2019
Huntley Dent, Fanfare Magazine, September 2019
Ulrich Mertin’s Playlist @ Van Outernational featuring Points
Review on Sailing to Byzantium Premiere (Jane Harrison)
Review on but you alone (Rebecca Wishnia / San Francisco Classical Voice)

Lectures and Podcasts

Arter New Music Festival, Panel on the theory of New Music (in Turkish)
Usmanbaş Partita per violino solo (1985)  (in Turkish)
Podcast: Deniz Aşırı (açık radyo) (episodes on J. L. Adams, Debussy, Elgar and Takemitsu)
(in Turkish) (spotify)

Podcast: Nasıl Dinlemeli (in Turkish) (spotify)
Podcast: Nasıl Dinlemeli (in Turkish) (youtube)
The Relation Between Time and Context in Music Composition (in Turkish)
Müzikte hattın poetikası (in Turkish)
Evolution of Polyphony and its Absence in Turkish Music (in English)


Sei Solo 2020 by Klasik Keyifler
Con Fuoco, Radyo Gedik (in Turkish)
Sailing to Byzantium at RTE Radio 1
Sailing to Byzantium (short film on the world premiere)
soL Portal (in Turkish)
Interview about Klasik Keyifler 2012
2017 Guitarplus Microtonal Würzburg
Unvoiced Diaries Documentary (in Turkish)
Introduction to Sei Solo 2020 

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